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RyvalTech, Inc. is a biotech company specializing in research and marketing of embryonic serums to be used in the field of Cellular Therapy or Embryo Organotherapy. In cooperation with its European biotechnology partners, RyvalTech currently market and supply to the market the Embryonnaire Ovine Extrait Biologique Naturel or Sheep Embryonic Extracts.
Cellular therapy, as practiced today, was developed in the early 1930s by Dr. Paul Niehans, MD (1882-1971), a Swiss physician who became known as "the father of cell therapy." It soon became popular with celebrities as a means of rejuvenation. A 1990 article in In Health magazine described Dr. Niehans as a "public relations genius" and stated that the Clinique La Prairie which he had founded in Clarens-Montreaux, Switzerland, had attracted 65,000 patients. Its current one-week (5 days) "revitalization program" costs about $14,000 as of 2003
The use of embryo organotherapy falls within the domain of nutrition rather than medication. It actually consists of cell hyper nutrition and/or catalyzed cell nutrition. It reinforces and stimulates the natural regeneration processes.
Cell regeneration was observed after the graft of embryo neurons on apparently injured zones. Cell restructuration resulted from the addition of young elements; enzymes, amino acids, D.N.A., R.N.A., etc..
Current data in molecular biology has demonstrated the existence of specific organ growth factors (such as N.G.F. or Nervous Growth Factor)and factors of recognition, communication, cooperation and intercellular and inter-organ regulation. Like neuro-endocrinology, knowledge of this immune system and its regulations provide an idea of the action mechanisms of embryo extracts. They corroborate their use as synergic complements for the usual therapies.
The Clinical Effects are mainly revealed by:
* Revitalization of the body's functions;
* Restored equilibrium of the organ treated by its analogue;
* Slowing down of the evolution of the objective criteria for ageing;
* Improved resistance to stress;
* Improved tolerance for allergic problems.
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